Year 2 News: 8th February 2018

8th February 2018
Star of the Week:  Megan
Mathematician of the Week:  Amelia
Writer of the Week:  Charlie
Values Champion:  Aaron
LITERACY:  We are going to write our own information sheet about mammals, so we have been learning what features to include on the page.  We have seen how we could include titles, subtitles, photographs, diagrams and maybe even a 'fun fact' to wow our reader!
NUMERACY:  We have been using number lines to turn repeated addition and subtraction calculations into multiplication and division statements.  We have also been learning about fractions and have noticed that the numerator and denominator tell us everything we need to know when solving fraction problems!
TOPIC:  It is time to come out of the ocean because we are now finding out about deserts!  We thought about the features of a desert and how animals living in these habitats have developed to survive.
GUIDED READING:  We have been giving our opinions on the books we have been reading, creating book reviews.  We tried hard to explain why we did or didn't like the particular books and gave them a star rating out of 5!