Year 2 News: 8th March 2018

8th March 2018
LITERACY:  We have been writing our own animal stories this, using the format we learned about last week.  Instead of Dumpling the dachshund, we have come up with adventures for cats who dream of having bigger beds, horses who don't like being red and even orcas who have lost their voice!
NUMERACY:  We have explored ways of presenting data in maths this week, using pictograms, block graphs and tally charts to show information. 
ICT:  We were so lucky to be the first class to use the school's super new set of iPads!  They are going to add so much to our learning - we've already looked at how photographers create different types of images and even had a go at taking some portraits of each other (for some special cards we are making... but don't tell the mums... its a surprise!).
PS  If you were wondering... Star, Maths and Writer of the Week along with Values Champion took a week off because of the snow day!