Year 2 News: 8th October 2020

8th October 2020
Star of the Week: Celine
Mathematician of the Week: Betty
Writer of the Week: Jakob
Rocking Reader: Jude
Values Champion (Friendship): Lexie
Happy Birthday to Jude!
Firstly, thank you so much for the donations you gave to our Harvest collection.  We were able to donate a huge amount of stock for the Droitwich Foodbank thanks to everyone who gave a little or a lot.  We used the opportunity to talk about Foodbanks and how we are all extremely lucky to never experience hunger like some people do.  We were glad there are people and places who help those who are having a difficult time in their lives and are proud to have played a part too.
Our Harvest Service was lovely - we were sad to not go to church but it was good to join with our friends via Zoom to say thank you for all the things that we have in our world.  We performed the poem we had learned, called "Fruit Salad".
Maths:  We've been using our feet, shoes, eyes, ears and hands to count in 2s and 5s this week!  We looked for patterns in the numbers by colouring in a 100 square and discovered that when we count in 2s all our numbers have 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 ones but when we count in 5s our numbers have 5 or 0 ones.
We then used what we had learned to solve some tricky word problems!  Miss Bishop was impressed with how some of us tackled them differently to others, using the way that is best for us.
Literacy:  We finished our work on Oliver Jeffers' "Here We Are" this week.  We have really enjoyed the story - it has given us a chance to reflect on our place in our huge world.
Our final task was to write notes about planet Earth, helping people remember how we can make it a happy planet for everyone and everything on it.  We thought about little things and big things - from protecting animals and rainforests to just being kind to a friend or being happy with who we are.
Heartsmart: The work we did this week tied in nicely with our literacy.  We created maps of the people who love us - starting with those in the centre of our lives, moving out to those who are not quite as close but who still care for us.  We thought about how we know someone loves us and why.  We were very excited that Dave from Heartsmart saw our maps on Twitter and said they were great!
PE: Mr Payne joined us for a game of tennis on Tuesday!  He joined forces with our Coach to teach us how to aim and hit a tennis ball to our partners - some of us even managed to hit it back!
Topic:  We've been delving deeper into the lives of kings and queens - learning about their lives and the amazing palaces where they lived!  We focused on Queen Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II.
We ended the week with another Forest School session... it wasn't as soggy as last week so we enjoyed making our own salt dough and creating some super sculptures like hedgehogs and unicorns!
We also had a chance to use the saw and drill to make wooden cookies, decorating them and threading them on string.  Some of us dug to find minibeasts whilst others had a great time on the rope swing!