Year 3 News: 11th December 2020

11th December 2020

Star of the Week: Joseph
Mathematician of the Week: Oliver N
Rockin’ Reader: Ruby
Writer of the Week: Brooklyn & Noah S
Values Champion: Taryn

In Science over the past few weeks, we have been learning all about magnets! We were learning all about magnetic coins and the discovery of magnets, I will tell you if you like. Okay then it all started when there was a Greek shepherd and he was walking on the road when a rock called Lodestone stuck to his iron boot, he was scared. What would you feel like? I would feel very very, very scared! It would be unimaginable horror if you didn’t know what a magnet was!

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and continued to focus on arrays.

On Tuesday we had our class party where we perfected our Jingle Bell Rock dance from our PE lessons ready to teach everyone else next Wednesday Mrs MD bought so much party food and the Friends also bought even more and party bags! We did musical statues which Joseph won and also had a singing competition but there was no winner as everyone was amazing.

We have finished our calendars – we have tried to represent the seasons with a beautiful tree of life design. We hope you like it.

By Noah Smith