Year 3 News: 12th October 2017

12th October 2017

Star of the Week: Ava
Mathematician of the Week: Kai
Writer of the Week: Samuel
Values Champion: Nelson

LITERACY:  Children have learnt the dragon report so well. They can tell you it off be heart! They are now writing it out in best using their notes. We are focusing on editing and improving our work to make it technically accurate. Our spellings this week are homophones and near homophones e.g. sea and see

NUMERACY: We are continuing to do well with our mental maths. Our focus in lessons this week were making calculations a little easier for ourselves by rounding first and then adjusting, eg 23+9, 23+10-1.

TOPIC: We are continuing our fantastic cave paintings, using all different drawing materials.

SCIENCE: Science is nicely linked to topic as we have been investigating fossils this week. 

RE: We have thought about prayer and why people pray but this week we looked at how Hindus, rather than Christians pray.