Year 3 News: 14th June 2020

14th June 2020

This week in year 3 we have continued to look at Roman Mythology. The children have planned and written their own Roman myths.  

In art we have created our own Roman God or Goddess based on the qualities we possess and our interests.

In maths we have been taking part in practical maths challenges; thinking about quarters and halves when turning, having a go at making sensible estimations, creating mnemonics to help us remember the value of Roman numerals and reading scales amongst other activities. 

In science we have looked at reflective materials and the uses of convex and concave mirrors. We have also been completing an obstacle course where we weren’t allowed to look at the ground directly, only using a mirror.... it proved to be quite tricky! 

We have also been creating flags for the Worcestershire school games and attempting the beanbag throwing challenge!