Year 3 News: 14th March 2021

14th March 2021
Wow!  What a week we've had in Year 3!
It started with 2 days of Harry Potter fun - being sorted into houses, wand making, chocolate frog moulding... ending on Tuesday with a game of Quidditch on the field!
If that was not enough, we celebrated Science week with our Mad Scientist (Mrs Guest!) and her helper (Mrs Harper!), exploring volcanoes and earthquakes.
We built structures on wobbly jelly to see if they would stay standing, learned about the viscosity of lava and made volcano cakes! 
In all the madness, we also welcomed Sam, our ukulele teacher back to sharpen the skills we learned last term and made our wonderful Mums beautiful cards for Mothering Sunday.
Our teachers have worked incredibly hard to make our first week back super exciting.... and it REALLY was!