Year 3 News: 15th November 2018

15th November 2018

Star of the Week:  Summer
Mathematician of the Week:  Bella
Writer of the Week:  Louis
Values Champion:  Amelia

On Monday we really enjoyed our Forest school trip where we were able to collect resources to make mobiles for our Christmas Fayre.  Thank you so much to the parents who were able to support us, we really do appreciate your help!  On Wednesday we almost managed to finish our mobiles and so far they look fantastic!

Literacy:  In Literacy this week we have started to look at adventure stories. We plotted known stories onto a story mountain and did some descriptive writing based on the settings we read about.

Maths:  In maths this week we focussed on multiplication, we were able to use the grid method to help us with our calculations.

Science:  We were able to plan and conduct our own soil investigation, concluding that the soil we have in our school grounds is peat! 

Topic:  We learnt all about Stonehenge and had a debate where we discussed what we thought Stonehenge was built for.

PE:  This week we were extremely lucky, we not only had our ‘Born to Move’ session where we completed some very tricky circuits but we also had a REAL PE lesson where we are focussing on praising and encouraging each other and taking ownership of our own learning!