Year 3 News: 15th October 2020

15th October 2020

Star of the Week: Seb
Mathematician of the Week: Amelia
Rocking Reader: Neive
Writers of the Week: Year 3!
Values Champion (Friendship): Noah S

This week in year 3 we have continued to look at instructions. At the start of the week we met Miss MD’s pet dragon and made an instructional video explaining how to take care of baby dragons. Later in the week we wrote some fabulous roman pottery instructions!

In our maths lessons, we have refreshed our knowledge of fact families and looked at how we can use this knowledge to check our calculations are correct. We have been comparing number sentences and ensuring that we know our number bonds.

In science we investigated friction. We carried out an experiment where we recorded the time it took for a car to roll down a ramp when we changed the texture of the surface. We made predictions about what might happen and then tested these out!

Topic this week has focussed on Roman roads, we learnt all about the reasons the Romans needed better roads than the ones created by the Celts in Britain. We looked at how the roads were made and went on to produce our own road models.

In RE thought about multi faith rooms and what would need to be included to enable these rooms to cater for everyone.