Year 3 News: 16th May 2019

16th May 2019

Star of the Week:  Noah
Mathematician of the Week:  George
Writer of the Week:  Summeray
Rocking Reader:  Harrison
Values Champion: (Kindness & Compassion):  Louis

Literacy:  We enjoyed learning a Roman Myth and reporting the events that happened in our own newspapers.

Numeracy:  We have learnt how we can mentally times by 5 and 20 by making numbers 10 times bigger and double and halving.

We had an amazing day at Chedworth Roman Villa being Roman slaves and archaeologists. We couldn't believe what they thought they could use to make them feel better (including tree bark for headaches!).  By sorting real artefacts, discovered when the villa was excavated, we learnt so much about how they lived over 2,000 years ago.

We also squeezed in some pedestrian training and have been preparing our class assembly to show the school and our visitors... what a busy but brilliant week in year 3!