Year 3 News: 16th November 2017

16th November 2017
Star of the Week:  Theo
Mathematician of the Week:  Grace
Writer of the Week:  Alfie
Values Champion:  Oscar
Numeracy:  This week we have been looking at how knowing our 2 x table can help us with our 4 x table and then our 8 x table... by doubling!  We have been doing repeated addition, triangle diagrams and pictograms all linked to 2, 4 and 8 times tables.
Literacy:  Our spellings this week have been making adverbs that end in the suffix -ly again but this time the root word ends in 'ie' (such as 'probable').  We have been thinking about what needs changing to turn it into 'probably'.  For SPaG we've been thinking about prepositions... where things are, or the position of things (such as on, under, beside, above, next to and through).
Topic:  We're travelling through time from Stone Age to Bronze Age and then to the Iron Age.  This week we've focused on Stonehenge - what it is, why its there and what it might tell us about people who lived at the time.
RE:  We have been thinking about prayer this half term and this week we have focused on the differences and similarities between Christian, Islamic and Hindu prayers.