Year 3 News: 21st November 2019

21st November 2019
Star of the Week:  Rex
Mathematician of the Week:  Max
Writer of the Week:  Isabel
Rocking Reader:  Amelia
Values Champion (Respect):  Xander

This week we started our new text all about climate change, ‘When Santa Turned Green’ by Victoria Perla. The children have written formal letters to local companies and made pledges to help prevent the polar ice caps from melting and help to save our planet!

In maths we have looked at what the term commutative means and how we can demonstrate this using fact families! We have also been learning how to derive!

Following our topic lesson, in art we made Stonehenge pictures - using a watercolour background with silhouette stones in the foreground.

In martial arts we learnt different blocks and tested them using a foam noodle!

In ukulele we continued with our cowboy strolls.

This week’s science lesson involved sorting magnetic and non magnetic materials.

So overall a fantastic week in year 3!