Year 3 News: 23rd November 2017

23rd November 2017
Star of the Week:  Finn
Mathematician of the Week:  Elizabeth
Writer of the Week:  Reuben
Values Champion:  Rhys
Numeracy:  We have been multiplying and dividing this week.  We have learned that the multiplication is commutative (doesn't matter which way round, the answer will be the same) and we used our inverse to divide.  We then followed on from last week using what we already know to find out other facts by halving, doubling and multiplying answers by 10.
Literacy:  Our spellings this week were the suffix -ly again, to make adverbs, only this time the root word ends in 'ic' or 'al', for example 'magic' and 'official'.  In Literacy we are wrote out our adventure story 'Timid Tim' and then thought of how we could change it to be about a different character altogether.
Topic:  We have moved forward in time from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.  This week we have watched the story of Britain and focused on hilltop forts.
After enjoying our visit from Reverend David Morris on Thursday, we made beautiful Advent wreaths after thinking about the special time in the religious calendar and created prayers to go with candles lit on the wreath.
Forest School Fun on Friday!