Year 3 News: 24th April 2020

24th April 2020
This week in year 3 we launched our new topic, ‘The Romans’. So far we have seen a message from Emperor Claudius who taught us a little about the invasions and asked us to create timelines to show the spread of the Roman Empire. A shout out to Marcus in particular who created a fantastic timeline which was beautifully presented! 
In literacy we have been looking at the features of instructions, creating a Piece of Roman art and writing our own set of instructions on how to make it. I know Emperor Claudius is looking forward to seeing all of the fabulous creations which he will be displaying in his palace! 
In maths we have been concentrating on applying our skills by tackling a number of challenges. Our focussed work has involved scaling up and down. Natasha has been completing all of the tasks given to such a high standard so well done to Natasha! 
We have launched our online reading programme and Logan has been completing lots of comprehension questions and enjoying the books we have assigned so that’s lovely to see! 
If anyone is having any problems with Reading Planet please send Miss MD a message via seesaw and she will be happy to help! 
This week saw the launch of the #StayInWorkOut challenge and in year 3 we put a bit of a Roman twist on it so we have to give a mention to Charlotte and also Logan who completed the treasure hunt in full Roman costumes! Amelia, Evie, Isla H have also given it a go and really impressed us! 
Thank you to Harry and Amelia who showed us their fantastic moves to  kidz bop! Also well done to Evie, Harrison and Mum for their really cool rap with dance moves - that made us smile! Thank you also to everyone else who sent us their fabulous photos alongside their school work - we love to see you baking, gardening, learning new skills and creating beautiful things! I’m sure anyone walking past Isla C’s house smiles when they see that incredible rainbow! 
Keep up the fantastic work year 3 - we are very proud of you!