Year 3 News: 2nd April 2020

2nd April 2020
We're really impressed by how many children are up and running on See-Saw and we're loving the photos and videos being uploaded. This week year 3 were set a task from Mr. Wonka himself and some of you pulled out all the stops and created some ingenious machinery which would definitely fit right in at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. We're really hopeful that one day we can apply our make-up by simply eating jelly beans- what a time saver! 

We've also seen a variety of responses to the maths and literacy key skill tasks we've set and our treasure hunts! We have had some fantastic diary entries, letters, brochures and instructions. The fraction work and timetables we have seen have all been pretty impressive too!

The Frida Kahlo art has also been beautiful and it was particularly nice to see a whole family sat at the table together being creative! If you would like to do some more art you can join in with the Hanbury twitter art club at 11am every Tuesday and Thursday!

Alongside the tasks we have set we have also seen; map making, a lesson on the international space station, sewing a teddy bear, cooking (although this has made us extremely hungry), latin lessons, gardening, music lessons via Skype, some fabulous David Walliams inspired drawings and even a trophy shelf being built. We are confident that you are picking up some fantastic life skills along the way.

Well done also for keeping active, we've seen yoga poses, some go noodle, Born to Move which would make Stellissa proud and workouts with Joe Wicks. 

We miss you all incredibly but we're loving the work you are uploading and thank you to the parents too for all their support and very kind messages! 

Here are some examples of the lovely work from our class but there are many, many more so well done!
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