Year 3 News: 30th January 2020

30th January 2020
Star of the Week:  Evie
Writer of the Week:  Harry M
Mathematician of the Week:  Noah
Rocking Reader:  Rex
Values Champion:  Mollie-May
We had an amazing time at Young voices- and have impressed our teachers by continuing to work hard even after such a late night!
Literacy:  we are researching how advertisements use persuasive writing to get us to buy or visit somewhere. Next week we will use these skills to write our own advertisement for Shanghai and Bejing.
Numeracy:  Phew!  What a hard week!  We have been learning how to add and takeaway fractions and have completed some tricky investigations.
Science:  We learnt this week about the names of the bones in our skeleton.  It was very funny trying to work out what bones went where!
Our class egg 'Eggy' has enjoyed a variety of extra curriculum activities with the children this week including french and Disney dance club! The children have taken on this responsibility and have shown their caring and nurturing sides - well done year 3!