Year 3 News: 3rd May 2021

3rd May 2021

In Monday’s PE lesson the Play Leaders taught the class lots of activities from their training. This week has seen the launch of Play Leaders on the playground and so far their enthusiasm knows no bounds! Fingers crossed this continues.

In RE we have started to learn about Islam, we know it is Ramadan at the moment and we recognise how hard it must be to fast – especially going without water during sunlight hours!

In Topic, we pretended to be Stone Age people and worked out whether items we were presented with were a threat or an asset. For example, when thinking about berries we determined that they could be a useful food source but there is also the chance of them being poisonous! Then later in the week we became Stone-Age hunter-gatherers and searched for assets in the school grounds.

In Maths we finished off our work on perimeter and then we started to look at money. In pairs we pretended to be a shopkeeper and a customer. We needed to make certain amounts and next we will be looking at calculating change.

In Literacy – we continued with our lovely text, ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ deciding on items to go in our Mammoth wash kit and explaining how they would be used. Suggestions included Mammoth curl tamer to be used on top of the mammoth’s head to prevent frizz!

We are also starting to work on our class assembly all about kindness and compassion. We planned what we would like to do and then made a start on making some props for re-telling our chosen story and producing some art work around the theme.