Year 3 News: 4th December2020

4th December 2020

Star: Neive
Maths: Hazel
Reader: Holly
Writer: Amelia
Values: Noah W

This week year 3 have decided to tell you all about their highlights!

My favourite thing about forest school was when I had a go with a bow and arrow. I only had 1 go but when I did I got a 6 and a 10, yes you heard me right a 10! On my last go I felt on top of the world because I got a 10. Who wouldn’t feel on top of the world? – Noah S

This week we made lanterns out of jam jars! Do you want to know how we did it?
First, we had to choose our own jam jar.
Next, we had to cover our jam jar with glue.
Then we had to stick white paper all over the jam jar and wait for it to dry.
After that we picked our own pom poms and pipe cleaners.

The next day we waited for our names to be called, then we waited until it was our turn, while we were waiting we were asked to twist our pipe cleaners, when we had finished twisting we chose our eyes, mouth and nose. Finally, everything was stuck onto the jar. – Oliver N

We made some Christmas decorations using salt dough. First we squeezed the dough and made it warm. When we got it warm we rolled it with a rolling pin and once it was flat we cut out 2 shapes each then we baked them for an hour and a half. Once they were done we got to paint them; there was gold, blue, green, white, black and more. It was so fun to do – I really enjoyed it. - Ruby

In P.E on Mondays, we are creating a dance to Jingle Bells, and once we are finished, we will show the dance to the rest of the school so they can try to learn it. On Wednesdays, Mrs Ball is teaching us how to play Tennis. First, she taught us how to bounce the ball on our racket, next she taught us how to bounce the ball to the ground, let it bounce back and receive it! - Hazel

This week we have been doing multiplications and division in maths I like doing hard multiplications because they challenge my brain. - Seb