Year 3 News: 5th October 2017

5th October 2017
Star of the Week:  Rhys
Mathematician of the Week:  James
Writer of the Week:  Theo
Values Champion:  Alfie
Brooke celebrated her 8th Birthday this week... Happy Birthday to you!
LITERACY:  A dragon has come to Hanbury!  We are learning a report about a dragon so we can write our own report about a mythical beast next week.  We have been working hard on our /ur/ sound in words such as 'earth', 'heard', 'search', 'earl', 'early', 'rehearse', 'unearth' and 'learn'.
MATHS:  We are doing really well with our mental calculations!  Also this week, we have been representing number in many different ways, including counters, place value equipment, coins and metres / centimetres.
RE:  We are thinking about prayer and what it means to pray.  This week we have looking in-depth at a very well known prayer - The Lords Prayer - and thinking carefully about what each line really means.
TOPIC:  This week we have been looking at pictures of real cave drawing and created our own cave paintings using charcoal, drawing pencils, oil pastels and... tea bags!