Year 3 News: 7th November 2017

7th December 2017
Star of the Week:  Brooke
Mathematician of the Week:  Sam F
Writer of the Week:  Noah
Values Champion:  Grace
LITERACY:  We have been writing a letter to Santa this week!  It's not just any letter though, our letters include lots of the SPAG that we have learned so far this term.  So as well as asking for lots of nice things, we have squeezed in different types of punctuation, contractions, fronted adverbials and lots more!
NUMERACY:  This week we have focused on 3D shapes.  We have been interested in the names and properties of the shapes and have used technical vocabulary such as:  vertices, edges, faces, curved edges, curved faces, prisms and pyramids to describe them.
This week we've had lots of fun as we got to watch KS1 and Reception's nativities and have had two DT days!  We've been weaving material using a loom - just like the Celts in the Iron age!