Year 4 News: 10th October 2019

10th October 2019
We had a lovely walk in the sunshine on Tuesday to the War Memorial at Hanbury earlier this week.  We stopped off at the Forest School area to have a sausage sandwich and hot chocolate, then continued our stroll.
In order to learn more about our World War 1 topic, we took wax rubbings of the names of the soldiers who died during the Great War.  We plan to research these names further to find more about their backgrounds. 
Within the garden of remembrance, Mrs Ball read the poem, "In Flanders Fields" and we spent time writing down our own personal reflections in the form of poems, prayers or just words and phrases.

Mrs Ball and Mrs Hope were extremely proud of us following the Harvest Festival at church.  It was the first time many of us had read in church and they said we delivered our poem with confidence.  

In MFL, we are learning conversational French.  We have been learning how to ask your name, your age, where you live and how you are.  Why not put us through our paces and quiz us on some of these common phrases?