Year 4 News: 12th July 2018

12th July 2018

Star of the Week:  Hetty
Writer of the Week:  Kieran W
Mathematician of the Week:  Edie-May
Values Champion:  Isabella H

This week has focused very much on transition and moving on.  We have completed our booklets so that our new schools will know all about us and what we can do.  We have written letters to Year Three telling them about all the exciting things they will do in Year Four. 

In science, we have learnt about the different type of teeth in our mouths and the jobs that they do.  We know that this is the first part of the digestive system and we demonstrated this in an activity showing where the food goes next and what happens to it.  Please ask us what we got up to!

We spent a wonderful day at the Bellboating Regatta, coming a respectable 12th out of 40 teams.  Some of our mums, Amalie and Charlie's dad, with Mr Payne at the helm, went on to win the parents' race.  It was hot, hot, hot and lovely to finish with an ice-lolly.  Thank you to the Friends and thanks to all who came to support us. 

Today we have made, tasted and evaluated our healthy sandwiches.  Now we can all make our own packed lunches!

We are all looking forward to a fantastic Sports Day followed by us entertaining you at the Beach Party. Everyone is welcome to come and share both events with us.