Year 4 News: 12th July 2020

12th July 2020
The Summer holidays are fast approaching and we will be into our last week on SeeSaw next week. Thank you to all of you who have kept us busy over the last few months. We have enjoyed seeing all the work you have posted along with all the photos and comments about other things that you have been doing. 
Thank you for the  sound advice you gave in your letters to next year's Year Four. Hopefully the information you have shared and the guidance you have given will help the Year Threes to settle into Year Four. You have proven yourselves to be 'more Year Four' and should be proud. 
We had an arty theme in maths this week and saw some creative pieces of work. We're not surprised. We know how creative you can be. You always surpass our expectations. 
Have a look at what your friends have been doing this week.
Take care, stay safe.
Mrs Hope and Mrs Ball xxx