Year 4 News: 13th June 2019

13th June 2019
Stars of the Week:  all of Year 4 for their great conduct, good manners, for challenging themselves and and for being a pleasure to take away to Malvern.
Mathematician of the Week:  Grace
Writer of the Week:  Oscar
Values Champion:  all of year 4 for showing every one of our Hanbury values whilst on the residential visit in lots of different ways.

Literacy:  This week we have watched a short clip about Derek Redmond, the athlete who became injured during the race he was tipped to win at the Barcelona Olympics.

We were challenged to use powerful verbs, emotive language, effective vocabulary and figurative language in giving an account of the race in first person.  We were all quite moved by the courage and endurance shown by Derek Redmond to finish the race despite the seething pain he was in.  Mrs Ball and Mrs Hope are looking forward to reading our completed accounts.

Maths:  we have been investigating the properties of quadrilaterals and learning the names of the various shapes.  We have been encouraged to look specifically at parallel lines and angle types to help us identify a shape using given properties. We have even learned some new words such as adjacent!

Well done to Ava and Elizabeth, who represented year 4 at a drama workshop at Meadows First School and to Reuben and Oliver who both went to Dodford First School  to work with Alan Gormley, a Hockey Development Expert and Global Innovator of Walking Hockey.