Year 4 News: 13th September 2018

13th September 2018
What a fantastic start we have had in Year Four!
Literacy:  the children have written poems about what could be found in a pocket depending on who it belongs to. We have been amazed at the imaginative ideas and wonderful descriptions the children produced. You wouldn't believe what you might find!
Numeracy:  we have been working on multiples of 3, 6 and 9. Times tables are useful in all areas of numeracy so the children are working hard on learning them - keep working on them at home too!
RE:  we are thinking about the kind of world Jesus would want. The thoughtful ideas that the children have shared are really lovely. We think God would like the world they describe. 
We are gathering ideas for our coffee morning on the 28th of September. Alongside coffee and cake there will be games and prizes. This event is organised and run by Year Four and they will all have a job. Any cake donations will be very gratefully received on the day of the sale.
Very well done to all the children for a brilliant start in Year Four. Be proud of yourselves!