Year 4 News: 14th June 2020

14th June 2020
Homeschool Star of the Week:  Olivia

Another week has flown by and we continue to see lots of you working hard at the tasks we set. 

The maths has needed an assortment of skills this week but you have all risen to the challenge and solved the puzzles and problems assigned. Good work Year Four. 

GPS has been the theme in Literacy for the first part of the week and again you have drawn on the many skills you already have. We have also had a good selection of quizzes presented in a variety of ways. Mrs Ball and I really enjoy seeing what you can come up with and you always exceed our expectations. We have asked you to be very responsible this last couple of weeks and to mark your work with a family member as we may not always get back to you as quickly as we have been.  We still want to see what you have done though. 

We have set projects for your afternoon learning. Please don’t rush these as you have time to really work on them. We do not expect you to do every one. What we would like to see is a selection of the projects completed to a high standard. Thank you for those we have seen so far. 

Mrs Hope and Mrs Ball xx