Year 4 News: 16th January 2020

16th January 2020
Star of the Week: Olivia
Mathematician of the Week: Noah
Writer of the Week: Tessy
Rocking Reader: George
Values Champion: Harry

Literacy:  We are now well into our study of The Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith.  I know some of you have purchased the book and are using your own copies.  This is proving very useful as you can annotate the text.
This week, we have written an explanatory text to teach Babe how to behave on the farm.  We have practised using causal connectives and fronted adverbials.

Maths:  We have looked at the greater than and less than symbols and used them to make comparisons between different number statements. We’ve also practised rounding to 10, 100 and 1000.

Learning Journey:  We looked at Anglo Saxon crafts and researched the invaders in order to produce a booklet for next year's Year 4 to use.  In French we learned and practised colours and asked each other questions regarding colours. 

RE:  This term, we are studying the Easter story and why Christians call the day Jesus died, Good Friday’.  We are also looking forward to a morning with the Rev. Morris next week.

Science:  Using our electrical circuits, we tested various items to see if they would conduct electricity or act as insulators. We worked in small teams to carry out the investigation.  We discovered that many metals will let electricity pass through them and materials such as rubber and plastic do not.