Year 4 News: 18th October 2018

18th October 2018
Star of the Week:  Oliver
Mathematician of the Week:  Theo
Writer of the Week:  Alfie
Values Champion:  Ava-Rose
What a busy week!
Year 4 have been busy learning their lines and the words of a song to present to you on Friday in our class assembly on Friendship. We are sure that you will enjoy watching us share some very important messages.
On Tuesday, we had Forest School with a difference.  After walking to the Jinney Ring and eating sausages, we ventured on through the fields to Hanbury's war memorial garden.
As part of our study of WW1, we sketched the memorial, read some of the notices about the memorial and the centennial celebrations and some of us took wax rubbings of the soldiers names displayed there.
We want to find out more about the brave soldiers of Hanbury who fought in The Great War back at school.
In maths, we have learned that multiplication is commutative.  This means we can switch multiplication calculations around to help us find facts that are easier to find the answers to.  Mrs Ball and Mrs Hope are having a big push on learning tables because we need to use them in so much of the maths in year 4.  
It doesn't look as if we have completed very much writing this week in literacy because we have spent a lot of time trying to improve what we have already written.  We have done this by adding fronted adverbials, causal connectives and by finding much better vocabulary.  Our polished non chronological reports, to show you how to look after a Miptor, are almost completed.
We've been enjoying Tai Chi this week.  Mrs Baker always brings us some interesting objects or facts about China each session.  This week we got to try on some authentic Chinese headwear!