Year 4 News: 19th September 2019

19th September 2019
Star of the Week:  Lilly C
Mathematician of the Week:  Aaron
Writer of the Week:  Summer
Rocking Reader:  Megan
Values Champion (Friendship):  Louis
Literacy:  This week we have worked hard to edit and up-level our poems.  We have been challenged to use more powerful verbs and adjectives and this has made our writing so much better.
Mrs Hope and Mrs Ball are so impressed that they want us to copy them up so they can be displayed on the wall for everyone to read.
Maths:  In carrying on with place value, we have learned about numbers beyond the decimal point.  Ask us about the additive and multiplicative values in place value.
Learning Journey:  In an introduction to our history, we have researched about the soldiers fighting in the trenches.  We already know that the conditions were awful and there was not a lot to do when they weren't fighting.  A big thank you to Renee's Grandma who very kindly lent us a pilot's flying log which belonged to a relative who served in World War 1.  We have taken photographs of the pages to share with the children later in the topic.
It has become tradition that Year 4 organise an annual Macmillan Coffee Morning, and this year's is drawing near.   A letter will be coming out to you this week.  The children work hard to make the event a success and we thank you in anticipation, for your support.