Year 4 News: 1st February 2018

1st February 2018
Star of the Week:  Ava
Mathematician of the Week:  Edie-May
Writer of the Week:  Charlie P
Values Champion:  Ciaran
LITERACY:  This week we carried on learning about the two main characters in Goodnight Mister Tom; Willie Beech and Tom Oakley.  We have used the evidence in the text and quotes from the book to write our detailed descriptions.  We were able to choose one to focus on and once finished we plan to polish them by using our best GPS.
MATHS:  All our work this week has been about time.  We have calculated differences between times, worked in 12 and 24 hour clock and applied our knowledge in lots of other activities using real-life situations.
DT:  We were up-cycling this week by using lots of cardboard boxes and other junk to make models of Viking longships.  We have used our plans to create transport used by the Anglo Saxons and Vikings.
TAI CHI:  We were 'at one with ourselves' on Wednesday when we completed another session of Tai Chi.  We learned more moves to add to our growing repertoire and are on track to learn a routine to perform before breakfast on the grass outside our dormitories at Malvern in June.