Year 4 News: 20th March 2021

20th March 2021

Star of the Week: Layla
Mathematician of the Week: Rex
Writer of the Week: Harry R
Rocking Reader: Noah
Values Champions: Annabelle and Lily-Mae

Hard to believe we have now all been back at school for two weeks. How proud are we of how more Year Four you all are. We have seen mature and confident children back in the classroom, ready to work hard and do their best. Thank you for working so hard on Seesaw and growing your skills so that we can continue with the Year Four curriculum and get you ready for Year Five.  

We are so pleased to be able to finish our class text, "The Sheep Pig", as we know how much you were enjoying it before lockdown and what a lot you have remembered. We have heard some confident, accurate and expressive reading aloud to the class and your character profiles of Babe are bursting with information, all backed up with evidence from the text of course.  

Having reminded ourselves all about quadrilaterals last week, this week we have been plotting coordinates on a grid and translating shapes. It was interesting to see what happened to the shapes when we doubled the x-coordinates, then the y and then both. The shapes moved and stretched up and along the x and y axes. 

In RE, we have discussed the importance of karma in Hinduism and how every action has a reaction. Hindus believe that we are responsible for the actions we take and their consequences. We learnt that Hindus try to live a virtuous life.  

This tied in nicely with our Hanbury value of forgiveness and we acted out scenarios where we would need to be strong to be able to forgive and also be prepared to accept forgiveness.  

We tried our hand at Lacrosse this week in PE. A new sport to us but we soon learnt to scoop and cradle the ball with the lacrosse stick.  

Sunday is the census as the children will remind you. We have discussed what the census is and how it is a way to made our voices heard. We worked in groups to think of ways that our voices can be heard and thought about why it is important that everyone, including children, have a voice.