Year 4 News: 20th November 2020

20th November 2020
Star of the Week: Mia
Mathematician of the Week: Layla
Writer of the Week: Isabel M
Rocking Reader: Noah
Values Champion (Respect): Oscar
We are all excited to be participating in the virtual choir with RGS Dodderhill to raise money for Freddie's ramps. You should now have all the resources you need in order to make your recording. Please can you follow the guidelines carefully so that all our video clips are a success. Just a reminder that by sending your video to Dodderhill, you give permission for your child's face to appear on the video of the virtual choir. This has to be done by the latest Friday 27th November.
Quelle temps fait-il aujourd'hui? In French, we have been talking about the weather and presenting our own weather forecasts. Aujourd'hui, il pleut a Hanbury. 
The children, as ever, have excelled in presenting their class assembly on respect. We have had to adapt to delivering it on Zoom but the children have risen to the occasion and wowed the other classes with their amazing rapping. 
Our science this week, has focussed on the types of teeth animals have and how they are suited to the food that they eat. We have also considered the size of the teeth in the cat family and have learnt, for example, that a lion's canines are much larger than a cat's because their prey is so much bigger. 
We are in the planning stage of our longships and the children have lots of good ideas to make a boat which will float and has all the requisite parts of a Viking longship.
In RE, we are thinking about how we cannot see God but we know he is there nonetheless and how we would visualise him if he were, for example, a flower or a colour. 
It was the first week of homework in Year Four and we were delighted to see so many people uploading a Year Four standard piece of work to their Seesaw journal. We appreciate that some people have had teething problems this week and this has resulting in homework being late. We have set aside time to mark homework each week and this does not allow time to mark homework which is late, alongside the homework set for the new week. We would appreciate your understanding in this and ask that you try and help your child hand in their homework on time. This is a useful habit to get into and will help immensely next September. Thank you.