Year 4 News: 25th January 2018

25th January 2018
Star of the Week:  Ollie
Mathematician of the Week:  Hugo
Writer of the Week:  May
Values Champion:  Lexi
LITERACY:  It has been an exciting week in literacy as we found out our novel for this term is Goodnight Mister Tom.  We will be reading the book and spending time studying the story.  Much of our writing will be based on the book, which we have already made a good start on.  So far we have met the two main characters; Willie Beech, the evacuee and his host father, Tom Oakley.  Watch this space to hear more about it.
NUMERACY:  Year IV have been working extremely hard this week and have learned to use Roman numerals.  Not only can we convert numbers but we can also write calculations and solve them using these ancient digits!
DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY:  We will be making model Viking Longships this term and are currently collecting cardboard boxes - especially shoe boxes - to help with our venture.  If you have any spare boxes at home, we would be very grateful if you could donate them to us.
RE:  The impact of Pentecost is our focus in RE.  This is the very special time in the Bible when the disciples and other Christians received the Holy Spirit.  We will be exploring how this changed the lives of the disciples and how it helps guide Christians in everyday life.
We are also very excited about welcoming our families and carers to our Class Assembly on 9th February at 9.15am.  Our Hanbury Value for this term is ENDURANCE so we will be entertaining you with our presentation, singing and dancing.  Be prepared for lots of audience participation!