Year 4 News: 26th September 2020

26th September 2020

Star of the Week: Oscar
Writer of the Week: Lily-Mae
Mathematician of the Week: Lola
Values Champion (Friendship): Amber 

Another busy week in Year Four and lots of hard work being put in. We have a very ‘more Year Four’ class already and they are a super example to the rest of the school.  

This week in Literacy, we have been looking at the structure of explanation texts and making notes to compile our own. We are now all experts on how to fly a hot air balloon.  

In Numeracy, we are adding 3 and 4 digit numbers mentally or using the formal written method. We need to estimate first so we are rounding numbers to the nearest 1000, 100 or 10 to estimate as accurately as we can.  

In Topic, we have designed our own Anglo-Saxon villages, incorporating all we have learnt through our research about how they lived their lives. We have also thought about how their arrival changed England forever and the place names and words they left us that we still use today. 

Our art is all about the Anglo-Saxons too. We have sketched Anglo-Saxon people, looking carefully at the type of clothing they wore and next week, we will be designing our own Anglo-Saxon belt buckles and broches, as we know they were skilled crafts people working with metal and wood. 

We are always thinking about how our words and actions affect others. We have written kind and encouraging statements to share with our friends through the Click Cup.   

In RE, we are considering the help and support a church leader offers the church and wider community. We will be designing our own adverts for the perfect candidate.