Year 4 News: 2nd November 2017

2nd November 2017
Star of the Week:  Isabella P
Mathematician of the Week:  Ciaran
Writer of the Week:  Edie-May
Values Champion:  Hetty
Bonjour!  Our French is coming along very well - we can hold a conversation with our friends now... we'd love to have a chat with our friends and family!
Literacy:  We have been looking at explanation texts and using them to explain how to fly a hot air balloon (but don't worry, we haven't got any plans to put what we have read to the test just yet!).
Numeracy:  Multiplication facts and addition bonds are so useful in maths, so we have been using ours to solve word problems this week.
Science:  It's been a noisy science lesson this week as we have been exploring sound and how it is made.  We have used instruments, tuning forks and water, straw flutes and elastic bands to carry out our investigations.  We have learned how dynamics and pitch can be altered and how sound travels.  The sound of Mrs Towler on her straw flute travelled a long way!