Year 4 News: 3rd May 2018

3rd May 2018
Star of the Week:  May
Writer of the Week:  Hetty
Mathematician of the Week:  Sophie
Values Champion:  Liam 
On Monday, year 4 went to Fladbury to prepare for the annual bell boating regatta.  Despite the awful weather forecast, we had a fabulous day on the River Avon learning how to paddle.  We all worked hard and as a team to keep a rhythm in order to power through the water.
Don’t forget to come along and support us and see us competing against other Worcestershire schools at Upton Warren on Wednesday 11th July!

In science, we worked in groups to produce 5 brilliant life sized diagrams showing the path our food takes through the body.  We learned  lots of scientific vocabulary to name the various parts of the digestive system and the processes.  

Our maths saw us calculating area and perimeter and we started a new book study in literacy, The Sheep Pig by Dick King Smith.