Year 4 News: 3rd May 2021

3rd May 2021

Star of the Week: Tia-Mai
Mathematician of the Week: Amelia
Writer of the Week: Max
Rocking Reader: Marcus
Values Champion (Kindness and Compassion): Noah 

Here we are at the end of another week and our Year Fours continue to make us proud with their maturity, independence and fantastic work ethic. There is a lot to cover in Year Four and our pace is fairly brisk but our Year Fours are up to the challenge and striving to do their best.  

Mister Tom is proving to be very popular and, despite it being a wordy book with unfamiliar vocabulary, the class are able to talk about it knowledgably and support their ideas and opinions with evidence from the text.

The children have had fun with perimeter and area this week in maths and are feeling very proud of their mental maths abilities in our weekly Beat That and Keeping Skills Sharp challenges. Many are developing clear strategies and can share their ideas.  

They can tell you all about how the First World War started and have created word posters in Topic packed with relevant vocabulary. We decided three words could pretty much summarise the causes of the Great War:  power, assassination and allies.  

We have many movers and groovers in Year Four and Stellisa is very impressed with their control and imagination!

We have cast the play and the children are very excited with their parts. They will need to learn their lines so that they can act without needing a script and this is something they will need to practise at home. Song words too. It is a lot to learn but we know they can do it.  

Finally, we are very proud to announce five new pen licence holders. Well done to Amelia, Tia-Mai, Harry R, Mia and Isabel M. We have never had so many pen licences awarded in a Year Four class and we are very proud of all those who have them. We are watching closely and encouraging those who have not yet received one and are hopeful for a full house by the end of the school year.