Year 4 News: 3rd October 2020

3rd October 2020
Star of the Week:  Logan
Mathematician of the Week:  Isla C
Writer of the Week:  Mollie-May
Rocking Reader:  Alfie
Values Champion (Friendship):  Mia
Year 4 began the week with a mammoth baking session. We all took our places in the kitchen and made Gluten Free Scones.  They looked delicious on the ‘Gingham Altar’ in the classroom.  Mrs Towler and Mrs Ball helped us to package them up into a mini tea for you to enjoy at home in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.  Thank you to everyone who has already made a donation to this amazing cause and if you still wish to donate, there’s still time to support Macmillan.
When we weren’t baking, we had a variety of tasks to do on the theme of charity.  We were given lots of abbreviated names of charities to find out, name and research.  We were quite surprised by just how many charities there are globally, nationally and within our locality too.  They all do amazing work for different causes.  Some of us shared reasons for supporting particular charities and why some are more closer to home than others.  We designed a poster to try and persuade people to donate money to our own chosen charity. 
In literacy, we have practised using causal and time connectives and fronted adverbials in our explanation writing.  This week, we looked at a text called The Teacher Pleaser.  This is about a machine that does amazing things to help teachers to do their job teaching in the classroom. There was lots of coffee and chocolate mentioned to keep teachers happy!  We have had to imagine that we have invented a similar machine and we have had to use all the tools in our writing to explain how it would work. We think Mrs Ball and Mrs Hope will want to invest in one!
Our maths work this week has looked at how we can use what we already know to subtract four-digit numbers from four-digit numbers.  We are having to concentrate hard and learn the tricks to do this in the most efficient and accurate way.  This might be mentally, a written method or by using a number line.
We enjoyed our session with the coach practising skills for basketball.  We played lots of games where we had to control the ball but also think in a strategic way.  Mrs Hope took us out for our second PE session of the week where we worked on, and invented our own, non contact, no equipment games.  We had lots of fun and Mrs Hope was impressed with how inventive we can be. 
Bonjour tout le monde. Comment allez-vous?
We have been learning some new words in French this week and using them to ask and answer questions in a simple conservation. Ask us some simple questions in French and see how we are doing!
Our History work has taken us to looking at the artefacts left behind by the Anglo Saxons.  It is amazing what we can learn from studying these.  We have made Anglo Saxon buckles and broaches in our art this week too. 
Heartsmart was all about Trust this week and we have considered the people in our community who we can trust. Linking with RE, we had to think about church leaders and the qualities they would need to have in order to be successful in this role.  We designed our own adverts for a Church Leader.