Year 4 News: 7th March 2019

7th March 2019

In French, we have learned how to ask and answer what today's date is and when our birthdays are.  To do this, we have had to learn the months of the year, the days of the week and numbers to thirty-one.  Please quiz us about this.  We are very proud of our growing French vocabulary.  

After our success with fractions and their equivalences, this week we have written decimals as fractions and simplified the fractions to their lowest terms.  We continue to need to know our table facts for all that we do in numeracy so it is really important that we keep practising.

You might find this website fun for working on your times tables...*

We were all very impressed with those in the class that have obviously spent lots of time learning their lines for the play.  As we are now honing our acting skills,  we need to perform without using our scripts.  Mrs Ball reminded us that our literacy homework this half term is learning script lines and lyrics to the songs.  

We completed the last session of our electricity topic in science this week by writing up our investigations on insulators and conductors. We now know why certain materials are used for specific purposes.  

Mrs Ball and Mrs Hope would love to see more children achieving 5 x a reader regularly and completing more sections of their spelling logs.

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