Year 4 News: 9th May 2020

9th May 2020

Home schooler of the week: Lilly W

Thank you Year Four, for another week of hard work. I can’t believe that we are at the end of week five of home learning and week seven of Lockdown. You are doing amazingly well with this new way of working and Mrs Ball and I love seeing what you can do. We are proud, you should be proud and I am sure your parents are proud too.

So, quadrilaterals caused a little stir this week but you persevered and got the tasks done. We appreciate that some areas of maths are easier to teach over SeeSaw than others but, whilst we will always challenge you, we won’t expect you to do something that is beyond your reach. We have visited shape and quadrilaterals before in class so it was not completely new. Remember to use what you already know when tackling tasks. I have seen some super problem solving today where you did just that. Fantastic.

Mrs Ball has set a comprehension task this week, along with a GPS task and some research to create a factfile for a polar explorer. Those factfiles I have read so far have taught me a lot about explorers both from the past and recently. Always remember when doing research, to use your own words when recording your facts so the work is yours.

Art was polar themed and open to your own interpretation. I have seen some very imaginative and beautiful pieces. I have, however, only seen four so far so I am hoping to see more in the coming days. Knowing what an imaginative and artistic class you are, I know I am in for a treat. 

Many of you became teachers yourselves this week when you taught your parents how to be safe online which is really important. Well done.

Science continued to look at the digestive system. Now you know what your body does with the food you eat. Well done for tackling all that scientific vocabulary.

We looked at hours of daylight in Topic, comparing the Uk to the Arctic and Antarctica. Many of you commented on how it must be difficult to sleep when it is light all the time and difficult to work when it is dark all the time. The sun gives us refreshing energy and vitamin D so, if you lived in the polar regions, you would need to take supplements and eat lots of fish!

Have a lovely long weekend. We would love to see any photos of what you get up to, especially if you are celebrating VE Day.