Art Club Gallery - Respect

17th April 2020
Another Twitter Art Club brought us all together on Thursday, when the theme was RESPECT.  This gave us lots of inspiration to create ways of showing how to give it, how to build it and all the people in our world who really deserve it.
Thank you to everyone who came to Art Club this week:  Bleubelle, Josie, Ollie, Jess, children of Essential Workers, Mrs Shaw, Miss Jones, Mrs Towler, Mrs Ball, Mrs Kenny, Mrs Darby and family, Mrs Hope, Mrs Williams and Ms M-D.
A special shout-out has to go to Bleubelle and Mrs Williams who between them only have 2 of their 4 arms working properly at the moment... thank you for joining in, we hope it made you feel better!
Please join us at 11am on Tuesday for the next Art Club @HanburySchool... as we have been focusing on our Hanbury Values, you might have already worked out what the theme will be!