Celebrating Success Together!


March 2023

6th March 2023

Children and staff created a giant paper chain to celebrate the relaunch the Hanbury C of E First School housepoint system.  Each link represents one member of the 6 houses which make up the school community. 

The houses are named after one of the school’s 6 Christian Values:  Kindness, Friendship, Trust, Endurance, Respect and Forgiveness.  Children are grouped together across each year group, giving the opportunity to make new friends and learn from others. 

Not only will children compete alongside other houses at sports day, they will take part in activities with their fellow housemates throughout the yearAt any time of the day, they can be awarded points that will contribute to a weekly total. 

The vision “Flourishing through love and nurture” has become embedded in life at Hanbury C of E First School and gives its the school its unique outlook on life.  The school community can flourish in so many ways: by being a family based on love and nurture, building resilience for life, being outward looking and by celebrating every forward step. 

The house point system reinforces this by recognising any achievement or successCelebrating every forward step means recognising progress in whatever form it takes.  Sometimes it can be for a wonderful piece of work but it will just as likely be for learning to tie shoelaces, respecting the environment or showing positive behaviour to others. 

To mark the occasion, children gathered in their houses to decorate their link in the chain which were then joined together in one long garland.  They also contributed their thoughts and designs on what their house logo should be. 

“House points can be awarded for a host of things,” said Headteacher, Aaron McDonagh. 

“There’s no limit on what any member of staff can award them for and we are looking forward to reinforce the praise we give in such a tangible way. 

Being able to win and lose well is an important lesson to learn,” he added.  Feeling part of a supportive community that face different challenges and opportunities can make a huge difference 

“We hope that we’re teaching vital skills that will prove useful throughout our pupils’ lives.”