Bringing the Outside... Inside!


February 2022

1st February 2022

We’re appealing for help to bring the outdoors, indoors in a bid to boost children’s learning and wellbeing throughout the school!

Since September, staff have spent time researching the impact that a pupil’s environment has on their learning, including introducing more environmentally friendly, upcycled and natural resources into the classroom.

Working closely with Craig Fortey from Billesley Primary School - a research school in Birmingham who have proven that these kind of adaptations can have real impact – staff worked hard during the Christmas break to transform our Reception Class.

Last year saw the Early Years outdoor area benefit from a facelift, including the addition of an all-weather shelter, climbing equipment and a mud kitchen.  Now, thanks to a huge amount of effort and generous support from Hanbury Parochial Charity, the indoor learning environment is just as exciting and engaging for little minds!

Alongside this aim, was a focus on becoming environmentally friendly as possible.  As a rural school, we really appreciate the importance of nature and our surroundings, encouraging our pupils to grow up with a healthy respect for the great outdoors.

Natural resources, upcycling projects which have involved the children and unwanted items donated by parents and the local community all greeted the children on their return to school in January as they embraced and interacted with their new environment with lots of enthusiasm:

“The children have thrived in their new natural classroom,” said EYFS lead, Mrs Mills.  “To see the children flourishing in their new learning environment is exciting.

“The vision of our room is to give children the best possible start to their schooling whilst embracing the world around us and bringing learning to life.”

Plans are now in place to roll out this new ethos out across the school:

“We were lucky enough to visit Billesley Primary School and to see these ideas at work,” said Mr McDonagh, Hanbury Headteacher.

“The work we’ve done in Reception is just the start - watch this space and look out for our appeals as we work to provide the very best learning environment to support learning and wellbeing.”


We’re appealing for donations of various items to help continue transforming the rest of our school and would really like your help!  Our ‘wish list’ includes… mirrors, lampshades, wooden shelves, logs (seat size), wooden crates, wooden baskets/hampers, good quality comfy chairs.

Maybe you could be a Houseplant Hero?  Evidence shows that greenery within your working environment not only improves the quality of air but also improves wellbeing.  Next time you’re at the garden centre, it would be great if you would consider adding an extra pot plant for us too!

You don’t have to be a budding Picasso to join our painting team!  Over the next few months we would love to brighten up the walls around school with a fresh coat of paint.  If you would like to bring a brush and lend a hand, please add your name to the list of helpers via the Office.

We would love to provide an area where children can curl up with a book or relax when things are getting a bit tough. Through your generosity, please would you consider donating towards purchasing a sofa and other items that would make the library a home from home. A place that will allow the children some respite from the pressures of what is, still for many, a disrupted and disjointed time and give them somewhere to take a breath and regroup.  Click here to visit our GoFundMe page to make a contribution to this comfy corner!