Envirosort Adventure for Y3!


3rd February 2022

As part of their work on the environment, Year 3 went out and about last week, to see what happens to our rubbish when we send it off to be recycled.  Far from it being rubbish, the children came back inspired and full of knowledge about how our waste is put to good use and why we should avoid single use wrappers and containers.
Ace reporter, Harrison sent us this report...
On Monday 24th January we went to Envirosort.
Michelle was our teacher and she was very smart. She taught us that the brown bin is for garden waste, the black bin is for things we cannot recycle (like black plastic) and the green bin is for recycling – plastic, tin cans, pop cans, paper and cardboard. We also learnt about a compost bin where we can put things like orange peel.
When we went to the factory, we saw the huge machines. The glass breaker takes the glass out, the ballistic separator takes the flat paper and cardboard out, the magnet takes out the cans and magnetic metals and the eddy current repels the aluminum cans. The optical sorter looks for plastic.
We all learnt a lot about our environment.