Through careful planning and preparation, we aim to ensure, through a teaching for mastery approach, that throughout the school children are given opportunities for:

  •   practical activities and mathematical games
  •   reasoning and problem solving
  •   individual, group and whole class discussions and activities
  •   open and closed tasks
  •   development of a range of mental and formal methods and strategies
  •   Underpinned by accurate fluency and a deep understanding of number

Through our curriculum approach, we also seek to explore and utilise further opportunities to use and apply mathematics across all subject areas and see mathematical themes and concepts covered in real life situations.

Through our mastery approach we ensure that all children have opportunities for fluency, reasoning and problem solving and know that all children.

Developing Fluency and Quick Recall
We focus on developing and embedding children's mental fluency so that they have confidence and automatic recall of key facts of number that underpin all of mathematics learning.
Mastering Number- Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 deliver the NCTEM programme of mastering number that focuses on developing children's understanding of number and flexibility of number.
Fluency- Years 3 and 4 complete a minimum of 3 fluency activities each week focussing on Key Instant Recall Facts to embed and apply their knowledge of number facts, multiplication tables and formal strategies of calculation.