Flourishing through Love and Nurture


18th November 2021

We were thrilled to welcome Reverend Morris from Hanbury Church into school yesterday, as part of our whole-school Christian Vision morning.
Before COVID struck, Rev Morris was a regular visitor, telling us all about special days and times in the church calendar before visiting us in our classes to enjoy special activities focusing on that theme.
We thought about our Christian Vision, which is at the heart of everything we do.  "Flourishing through love and nurture" is our aim for everyone who attends, works at or visits our school.
To start the day, Mrs Ball talked to us all about what "nurture" means.  We thought of the ways something or someone can be nurtured and what that might mean they need.  There are so many ways we can support and care, but we soon realised that at the centre of nurture is love.
Back in our classes, we joined in some fun activities to develop our ideas.  Some of us painted, others designed board games, whilst Year 1 tucked into waffles after carefully nurturing their batter; adding all the ingredients and creating the right conditions their batter needed to flourish!
Year 2 read "After the Fall", a book by Dan Santat which is all about what happened next to Humpty Dumpty.  Despite being fixed on the outside, he still had worries on the inside, which stopped him from climbing his wall to watch the birds.  The children "built" walls using the ways in which we can nurture others, then made beautiful ladders with words of encouragement for Humpty, to get him back up where he loves to be and where he can flourish!
Reception got their green fingers out and thought about what seeds need to be able to grow.  Then they planted their own and are looking forward to nurturing it so it grows big and strong.
The morning ended with a visit from Pudsey Bear at lunchtime, reminding us that we can help nurture people we will probably never even meet in the wider community by supporting charities like BBC Children in Need.