Healthy Elfies Festival Fun!


15th December 2023

The school grounds were abuzz with festive energy as the School Sports Crew unveiled their much-anticipated Healthy Elfie Festival. Laughter echoed across the playground as children gathered for a day filled with four exciting activities celebrating health and holiday spirit.

First on the agenda was the "Throwing Snowballs into Santa's Sack" challenge. Cheers erupted as kids lined up, aiming to toss their snowballs into Santa's famous present sack!

The "Reindeer Obstacle Course" awaited, a maze of hurdles and twists that required agility and speed. Children weaved through the course, emulating Santa's trusty reindeer, navigating hurdles and tunnels with enthusiasm and determination.

Next came the "Dancing in the Style of Christmas Decorations." Music filled the air as children mimicked soldiers, ballerinas, snowflakes, penguins and a range of other tree decorations!

The final activity, "Cleaning Up After Naughty Elves," embodied the spirit of responsibility and teamwork. Children eagerly participated in a race to tidy up scattered props and decorations left behind by mischievous "elves," demonstrating the importance of keeping our surroundings clean.

Throughout the festival, smiles never faded, and the air buzzed with excitement. The School Sports Crew's creative endeavours brought together fitness, joy and a sense of community in a terrific event to help round off the term!