Year 4 Show Respect for Hanbury Values


18th November 2021

An audience of friends and parents saw Year 4 lead today's Worship, teaching us about this term's Hanbury Christian Value of Respect.
News reports, drama and a song made us all think about how we should respect property, ourselves, others and the planet.
Each of our classes takes their turn to help us understand that term's Hanbury Christian Value.  We have 6 altogether:  when we combine Trust, Kindness & Compassion, Forgiveness, Friendship, and Endurance along with Respect, they help us all to flourish.
Year 4 acted out the story of the Good Samaritan, reminding us how God teaches us to respect everyone, even if we don't know them or if they are different to us.  Their news reports on the state of the planet made us think about how we have to respect the wider world.
Finally, "We are the World" brought their message together in a song, ending our worship, but really making us think.