Year 2 Topic Gets Experts' Approval!


15th December 2021

Firefighters from Bromsgrove Green Watch gave the seal of approval to a host of fire engines designed and created by the Year 2 children from Hanbury First School today.

The project was the culmination of a term packed full of London-related topic work, including The Great Fire of London.

To help pupils compare firefighting equipment and techniques of the past with those of today, the class were treated to a peek at a real fire engine earlier this month.  They then planned and built their own version after honing their drilling, sawing and cutting skills.

The fire engine and firefighters were forced to leave in a hurry after being called to attend a huge blaze in Kidderminster, but the class were thrilled when they returned today to look at the models Year 2 had made.

“Using a topic like this really sparks the children’s imagination,” said Class Teacher, Vicky Bishop.  “We use the historical aspect of the topic in our writing and science too – including staging a mini-fire of London in the playground to show how it spread so quickly and how it was hard to extinguish!

“Seeing the firefighters dash off made us all realise what their job is really like,” she added.  “We were so grateful that they took the time to explain how they work very hard and use their amazing fire engine to help keep everyone safe these days. 

“We were really glad they liked our engines too!”