At Hanbury Church of England First School we comply fully with the statutory requirement to embed RE in the curriculum, and to provide a daily act of collective worship of a Christian nature. Our worship follows our Hanbury Hand to instil Christian values in our children.

We follow the agreed syllabus for RE and Understanding Christianity which places an emphasis on the practical application of Christian values to daily life and decision making. We recognise that some of our pupils may follow other faiths, however we believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to learn about Christianity and other major world religions which they will encounter in their lives.  Our children have the opportunity to explore and reflect on values, spirituality, awe and wonder. 

In our worship we use a resource called 'Roots and Fruits'.  This contains lots of lovely stories that the children can relate to and which embeds our Christian values more deeply. Our worship plan is also developed alongside the local church and has themes of: School and British Values, Celebration, Bible Story and reflecting on the moral and collective singing.

Our RE curriculum links closely with the Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education curriculum (PSHCE).